Building a more inclusive, global digital financial market infrastructure

Beyond Capital Markets provides institutional grade digital banking and capital markets infrastructure solutions.

Digital Identity Pass

Our identity system allows for banking and investment customers to own, control and share their own digital identity and financial data with governments, institutions, and companies with a simple one click. A single profile includes real time KYC/AML and transaction history in a digital wallet free of data breaches and security hacks.

Asset Management

Our technology enabled investment management practice combines financial technology and alpha-driven market trends to provide forward thinking digital asset allocation and diversification with the goal of achieving risk-adjusted sustainable returns and asset protection.

OTC & Exchange

We provide configurable order management system, matching engine, and order routing integrated with our custody, KYC/AML, and settlement solutions. Liquidity is available to enable institutional and individual clients to execute block trades, enable custom pricing and trading on credit for both fiat and digital asset pairs.

Asset Protection Trusts

We offer unique medium to maximum protection structures in an tech enabled format for individuals, families and companies to protect assets from lawsuits, judgements, creditors, and divorce.

Custodian & Insurance

We enable custodial management of digital and fiat based financial assets and financial products secure with captive insurance protection. Includes but not limited to asset protection trusts, asset tokenization, digital assets, managed accounts, and ETFs.

Clearing & Settlement

With the use of financial technology and smart contracts we provide digital, instantaneous cross-border settlement and escrow agents, permitting participants to settle immutable and trustless transactions with significantly decreased settlement cycles and costs.

The BeyondX dFMI White Label Solution

We offer a secure, branded backend and frontend solutions that safeguards all fiat and digital assets data and transactions by layered architecture providing enhanced security protocol for all customer assets.

Beyond Capital Markets is leading the evolution to an interoperable digital financial markets infrastructure (dFMI) offering proven regulatory and ecosystem framework for  financial services, digital economies, and sovereign governments to work together and interact with more than one blockchain platform at the same time. The BeyondX unique dFMI network framework is a component library and ready-made infrastructure for the development of bank enterprise grade open finance and dApps.

We are creating comprehensive technology solutions for clients, and opportunities for partners, across a wide range of capital markets stakeholders — asset managers, broker dealers, ATS or other licensed exchange operators, institutional traders, funds, asset owners, debt or equity issuers, family offices, custodians, market makers, software companies, or other organization in the digital asset ecosystem. As a DFMI open network, through strategic investments and Public Private Partnerships (PPP), BeyondX has simplified the development and adoption process of digital transformation for non-tech enabled financial stakeholders can perform rapid cross-border transactions, custodial services, asset management, clearing & settlement, risk & compliance, asset tokenization using any business logic.


A secure toolkit to deliver an end-to-end dFMI journey.

At Beyond Capital Markets, we focus on the technological backbone for the back and front office. We offer compliant, fully-functionaly API sandbox for both fiat and digital asset solutions with
 dedicated developer support, for each client to ensure quick integration and time to market.

Branded customer experience

Provide your clients with our dFMI technology while owning the client relationship customized to work best with the journey you want your clients to have. Personalize our white label toolkit with your brand to create a trusting, seamless user experience.


Securely automate your identity checks with our BSA-compliant service. Our real-time AML and KYC checks bring together hundreds of data sources, verifying customers and onboarding investors faster.

Ongoing compliance.

Update your compliance process with a tech enabled, seamless process via API, and run user-friendly, industry leading compliance checks.

Geographic flexibility

Build your way, customize your digital banking and investment offerings specific to your jurisdiction(s) and regulatory requirements, and upgrade over team to remain competitive as laws change.

Industry-wide compatibility

We follow REST standard for APIs to deliver easy integrations and lightning speed for your apps and services.

Trusted ecosystem network

Join our community of trusted developers and financial professionals building the BeyondX dFMI network. Attend our training events and learn more at summits, workshops, and certification programs.


Separately Managed Accounts

Our multi-asset strategies are customized and deployed in partnership with banks and broker dealers for advisors, private and institutional clients.

We’ve identified the long-term growth drivers throughout very asset class and global market by looking at unconventional data sets to create an alternatives to your core equity and fixed income portfolios utilizing digital assets and alternative assets to achieve maximum risk-adjusted returns.

Through our separately managed accounts, we offer clients the ability to hold individual securities and customize the portfolio based on specific requirements that may include legacy positions, tax loss harvesting, income requirements, etc.

Clients invested in separately managed accounts are subject to various risks including potential loss of principal, general market risk, small and medium-sized company risk, foreign securities and emerging markets risk, default risk, interest rate risk, inflation risk and liquidity risk. Additionally, there is a risk that we do not manage the asset allocation strategy successfully.

Capital Appreciation Strategy

Our capital appreciation strategy focuses on identifying high quality companies in emerging industries and defensible growth niches that have open ended growth potential. We seek to buy the stocks of such companies before they are discovered or when investors are very skeptical about future prospects, and capture compound earnings growth over time.

Strategic Income Strategy

Our strategic income strategy employs a multi-sector and flexible duration approach that seeks to invest in securities offering the highest risk-adjusted yield and expected total return.

Start your dFMI journey with us

Work with Beyond Capital Markets to bring end-to-end dFMI solutions to your clients or investors.


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